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To place an order with Windsor Florist of Invercargill, preview the products below, enter a quantity, then click the "Add to Cart" button. To preview a larger image of a product click on the small image. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or phone us on (03) 217 8050.

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$80.00 Florist Choice - Leave the Designing up to Us
Leave the designing up to us, we will make the flowers to suit the occasion
Florist Choice Size
$80.00 Posy

A mixed cut flower. Posies need to be placed in a vase when received.

Posy Size
$20.00 Single Rose - Gift Wrapped
Gift wrapped single rose for that special person
$65.00 6 Roses - Gift Wrapped
Longer style bouquet of roses with our amazing flax wrap
$80.00 Classic Cut
Similar to posy, with an extra fern, flax wrap, Needs to be placed in a vase
Classic Cut Size
$60.00 Posy in a Container
Something smaller, comes in a water filled container
Posy Container Size
$100.00 12 Roses - Gift Wrapped
Posy style bouquet of roses with our amazing flax wrap
$90.00 Box Arrangement
Flowers are in an oasis and presented in a coloured box.
Box Arrangement Size
$70.00 Hand Tied Bouquet
Longer style bouquet. Needs to be placed in a vase.
Handtied Bouquet Size
$100.00 Modern Handtied
Similar to hand tied with a little more funk.
Modern Handtied Size
$45.00 Single Flower in Bud Vase
A single flower in a bud vase
$20.00 Single Flower - Gift Wrapped
Single flower beautifully gift wrapped with our amazing flax wrap
$90.00 Vox Arrangement
Posy of flowers arranged in a vox box which holds water.
Vox Arrangement Size
$90.00 Victorian Posy Bowls
Arrangement of flowers in a bowl with oasis
Victorian Posy Bowl Size
$90.00 Cheery Pot
Flowers arranged in a ceramic pot which holds oasis
Cheery Pot Size
$90.00 Basket Arrangement
Flowers are arranged in oasis which is then placed into a basket
Basket Arrangement Size
$8.00 Air Filled Balloons - On a stick
Air filled balloons with various messages. Available Messages: Anniversary, Birthday, Baby girl, Baby boy, Get well, Smiley face
Air Filled Balloon Choice
$90.00 Traditional Posy Bowl
An upright bowl arrangement in oasis
Traditional Posy Bowl Size
$90.00 Vase Arrangement
Vase Arrangement Size
Showing 19 of 19 Products (Page 1 of 1)